Deep River encoder

Less data but more content thanks to a new approach of joint data hiding and compression


  • A software to jointly compress and embed any type of digital data within a host media support, (image / video), compressed by the last video compression standards HEVC / AVC.
  • Combined compression and data hiding, live transmission and / or video recording, without increase of the size / cost of data transfer.

Medical use case

  • 8 Gbits of additional information without increasing the size of an 8 hour long surgical video!
  • CO2 emission reduction of 160 kg.
  • deep RIVER allows to :

– make video / image smarter according to the doctors needs.
– use one channel only for data transfer, carrying thus more data but less bytes (useful in particular for low bandwidth networks as in medical deserts).


  • High data payload : up to 50% higher than for the best state-of-the-art methods of equivalent quality.
  • Quality controled thanks to a dedicated Living Lab (PROMETEE).
  • Significant reduction in energy costs.

deep RIVER

A new software to enrich multimedia content


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