Image Quality Assessment

Subjective and Objective tests on images / videos to assess “quality” according to usage

Customized service

  • deep RIVER offers a customized service for each application (Medical, video-surveillance, multimedia, etc.) and for each type of video (endoscopic, microscopic, ambience).
  • deep RIVER software follows a scalable method, allowing the adaptation of the data payload and compression bitrate to the image quality suitable to practitioners requirements.

Standardized environment

  • deep RIVER works with “PROMETEE” living lab, a quality assessment laboratory, located at TELECOM Nancy.
  • This well-equipped platform allows us to study and manage the technical quality of videos / images. It provides an efficient environment to comply with the general display conditions for subjective assessments, defined by the recommendations of ITU-BT.500-13.
  • PROMETEE is referenced in the National Forum of Living Labs in Health and Autonomy (FLLSA) led by Robert Picard (CGE – Ministry of the Economy)


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deep RIVER

A new software to enrich multimedia content


Customized service